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How to use shapewear in the right way?

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More and more women decide to use shapewear to shape their silhouette. The use of the shaping girdle is very easy to use and does not have any difficulties, but if you want to get the most out of the shapewear and stylize your body, we show you the best tips so you can learn how to use a reducing girdle and get the maximum benefit to help you look more spectacular every day with your favorite clothes.

Do you want to show off a spectacular silhouette with your shapewear? You don’t know how to use wholesale shapewear? It is everything explained to you step by step!

What type of shapewear do I need?

First of all, before buying shapewear you have to know when you are going to use it, where and how they work. In this way you will choose your shapewear correctly since we have different types of girdles for each situation and activity. Let’s see which one suits you best according to your use needs:

  • Reducing shapewear for daily use: This shapewear is ideal to use during the day to day, since its comfort and materials allow us to use it while doing housework, being at work or shopping in the supermarket. If your goal is to wear the shaping girdle every day and for long sessions of time, this is your girdle.


  • Reducing shapewear for sports: If your goal is to use shapewear while doing sports, the ideal is that you choose this type of sports girdle. Its materials are very resistant as well as flexible, allowing you to perform any type of sport with the girdle on without anyone noticing. In addition, the use of sports shapewear helps to correct posture while you perform the exercises. If you only plan to use the reducing girdle while doing sports, this is your choice.


  • Reducing shapewear for after pregnancy: If you have just given birth by vaginal or cesarean delivery, it is best to choose a postpartum shapewear. These types of girdles serve to help you reduce the gut and help you get the stomach and abdominal muscles to recover sooner.


Choose the correct size

It is important that when you go to buy your shapewear, you choose the correct size. Wearing a small or very tight girdle can cause discomfort, stomach upset, reduced mobility and will not achieve the desired results.

All models indicate the appropriate size for your waist measurements, normally these measurements are indicated in centimeters. The shapewear has to fit tight, but not too tight and making you comfortable with it on.

Choose a color that you can hide with your favorite clothes

One of the reasons that Waistdear shapewear items are so successful is because they hide perfectly under your usual clothes, making your figure molded without anyone noticing that you are wearing it. Generally, the shaping girdles are in two colors, we have them in beige and black. Depending on the colors of clothes you are going to wear, you will have to choose one color or another. The advice is to use the black sash for darker garments and the Beige sash for lighter garments.


Where to find the best shapewear?

Once you know all of the above, you are ready to choose the best shapewear that suits your needs. The best waist trainer wholesale vendor is definitely Waistdear. It has a wide variety of different models, from reducing girdles, latex girdles, to buttock girdles, in addition their prices are the cheapest on the market.

How many hours a day should shapewear be worn?

Experts recommend wearing shapewear for a maximum of 8 hours a day. Also, you should avoid wearing shapewear that is not your size or too tight, the idea is that you feel comfortable with it on.